Empowering the web3 through contributions

We create platform for builders and creators in web3 DAO to contribute and collaborate on projects.

Deep Dive

Our Focuses

We aims to accelerate the growth of web3 DAOs.

Embrace Collaborations
We know that building a DAO alone is tough, we are here to create a collaboration in the ecosystem.
Grow From Contributions
We believe that the more you contribute, the more you grow. We provide a platform for you to grow.

We create

A platform to support creations

At Catalyzt, we believe in the power of web3 changing the world. We are building multiple tools in collaboration with chains governance such as Optimism, to help contributors grow their products.

Builders Community.
We build a community of builders to create a feadback loop for their projects. Also, providing important resources to help them get started.
Impact Analysis.
Measure the impact of contributions and get rewarded from the chain for your work.
Ideas List.
As a medium, we provided builders with ideas from the governance to accererate your ecosystem.
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Our Valuable Partners


Meet our Team

We are a group of passionate builders who are dedicated to create a better web3 ecosystem.